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You can help find the right balance. Read our Q4 Cigna Health & WELLness Report.
The Cigna Health and WELLness Report
Workplace engagement through leadership and learning.
Introducing Health Accelerated: Life ConnectedSM

Overall well-being doesn’t just come from being physically well. You need to engage your employees in their whole health.

Cigna’s approach helps connect and engage employees in five dimensions of well-being.


In upcoming issues, we’ll dive deeper into each dimension and tools you can use to best support the overall well-being of your employees.

an infographic on Cigna’s new approach
to health engagement and well-being
the Well by Cigna website for
tools and resources
our previous issue about the
loneliness epidemic

Did you know?

The body and mind are connected, so addressing whole-person health is important.

Depression costs more than $51 billion in absenteeism and lost productivity.*
53% of employees stressed about money say it interferes with their focus at work.**
* Mental Health America, 2018, “Depression In The Workplace.”
** Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 2017 Workplace Benefits Report.
Together, all the way.
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